About Us

Meet “Knuckles”, my 17 year old Corgi/Basenji Shiba (we think) rescue, and the inspiration behind the popular OlderLabs Instagram page and OlderLabs.com. We started our Instagram page a little over two years ago, and we have been humbled by the outcry of love for senior dogs.

I know my dog was not a Labrador, but they are a breed that is special to me. ❤️

I had Knuckles for 15 years, I adopted her at age 2ish. As she grew older, I treasured each day more knowing our time was limited. I wanted to bring senior dogs into the spotlight as they have so much to offer. 

From their unwavering years of companionship to their wondrous sugar faced beauty. They may be a little slower to get going or need more care, but they will love you unconditionally to the end.

Older dogs are a treasure but often go without being adopted for years in shelters. I wanted to show that senior dogs have just as much personality as their younger counterparts and are just as deserving of homes.

The puppy days of dogs usually get the lions share of attention, but not here. Here frosty faces, sugar paws, and greying chins are celebrated.

– Charlie

Founder of Olderlabs.com

In Loving Memory of Knuckles, 2001 – Sept. 2018